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Hero Wrestling started as a different club called King of the Mat. Based out of King Edward Jr. High (where the name originates from) Coach Mike Dunn (then 27 years old) started a wrestling program at the school working with kids from ages 8-14 in 1994.


When the school program wasn't enough wrestling for the athletes in the room, Coach Mike founded King of the Mat Wrestling Club. This allowed high performace training for young athletes at an early age. This elite training turned kids who were only having one practise a week into excellent athletes who trained 5 times a week.  Since then, ​King of the Mat Wrestling Club has had over a dozen National Champions, 3 dozen different medallists, and has been one of the best programs in the country.



National Champions

Clayton Codd- 1997

Laura-Jane Van Weibe- 1998, 1999, 2001

Steve Snyders- 1999, 2000, 2004

Tyrone Gardiner- 2013

CJ Hudson- 2005

Kristoff Coles- 2013

Josh Vandenbor- 2000

Lynden Hansen- 2004

Ahmed Abosafi- 2003

Laurie Evans- 1998

Jazzie Barker- 2012

Daniel Coles- 2014

Kaylee Welsh- 2018



University Athletes

Jeremy Ballantine- University of Regina

Jaret Coles- University of Regina

Steve Snyders- Brock University

Jay Allen- Brock University

Tyrone Gardiner- Trinity Western

CJ Hudson- Brock University

Monique Simard- University of Regina

Laurie Evans- Brock University

Jazzie Barker- University of Calgary

Gaston Tardif- Lakehead University

Will Grieve- University of Calgary

Ahmed Abosafi- University of Calgary

Daniel LeMaro- Simon Fraser University

Brendan Seppela- SImon Fraser University

Michael LeMaro- University of Calgary

Madison Dunn- University Alabama-Huntsville

Scott McLelland- University of Calgary


National Medallists

Jay Allin - Rando LeMaro - Clayton Codd - Laura-Jane Van Weibe - Steve Snyders - Tyrone Gardiner 

CJ Hudson - Kristoff Coles - Amber-Lynn Van Weibe - Gaston Tardif - Jeremy Ballantine - Scott McLelland - Ron Bushfield - Andrew Hope - Will Grieve - Rhys Clarke - Andrew MacPherson - Michael LeMaro - Josh Vandenbor - Tyrone Gardiner - CJ Hudson - Kristoff Coles - Lynden Hansen - Ahmed Abosafi - Laurie Evans - Jazzie Barker - Daniel Coles - Daron Kirkendall - Brett Rediker - Monique Simard - Kendis Kirkendall - Jaret Coles - Madison Dunn - Andrea Llewellyn - Madison MacKenzie - Isabelle Joiner



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